Bosch interview questions

1)      Explain about ur projects, block diagra, modules used in ur project , working, code for those modules(only logic).
2)      How many months taken to complete project.
3)      About ur company, clients
4)      Stepper motor interfacting with the microcontroller and logic code
5)      Reverse of a no. program
6)      Questions on Bitwise operators(&,^,|,~).
7)      Traingle oriented programs
1234        E.t.c
8)CAN protocol depth, frames, speed
9)LIN, UDS theoritically
10)Interrupt execution (stack pointer, program counter) operation clearly step by step explanation.
11)Digital electronics and analog ciruits, Op amps, Transistors, amplifiers, ce amplifier how they works
12)what is CAPL ,XML and its uses
13)what is CANoe, why and how,
14)Increment and Decrement (pre, post operators)
15)Storage classes with examples
16)Conversions like hexa to decimal etc
17)what is bit stuffing , why and how.
18)what are preprocessor directives, why and how
19)Swaping 2 var with using 3rd var and without 3rd var
20)Particular bit set or not in a given integer program
30)Implement an invertor using one exor gate
31)what are hardware and software interrupts, with examples
32)what is watchdog timer, explain it.
33)What is ternary Operator
34)How u will interface node to CANoe
35)difference between Structure and Union
36)what is call by value and call by reference with example
37)example program on static variable
38)1’s and 2’s complement which is easy to implement and why
39)what , why diagnostics and how u will do
40)what is arbitration , how, example with values.
41)what is automotive domain includes and what do u know about it
42)what is declaration and definiton
43)what is volatile and explain it briefly
44)what is linking, compiling , execution , syntax error
45)memory segments, explain each segment briefly
46)diffrence between rom and flash
47)can frames , explain them
48)programs on Extern varialbes
49)shall we declare same variables so many times.
50)Shall we acess local var as globally r not
51)can we use same header files in multiple c programs r not
52)difference between remote and data fram with example
53)Prime no program, reverse of a string program.


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